2005 Chevy Silverado K2500HD


2005 Chevy Silverado K2500

Our Silverado in summer mode - Alcoa 'Classic' forged aluminum wheels with Firestone 'Destination M/T' tires

At Alexandra Falls in the Northwest Territories


Chevy 2500HD

Our Silverado in winter mode - OE wheels with Bridgestone Blizzak W965 studless winter tires

After owning our motor home for a couple years, we realized we preferred the set of compromises offered by a truck & trailer over those of a motor home & toad.  Our first order of business was finding the right truck.  We'd had a F350 SuperDuty with the 6.0 PowerStroke, so we were painfully aware of its problems.  The Cummins 5.9L tempted us to get the Dodge Ram, but the rest of the truck just wasn't in the same league as the Cummins.  So, we looked for a nice Chevy, but which year?  We decided a 2004.5-2005 LLY would be our best compromise of power, fuel economy, issues, and of course price. 

Sometimes, I think it would be nice if we could order a truck just exactly the way we'd like it to be right from the factory.  But, then we'd miss out on all the fun we have doing those little things that make it perfect for us.  Well, as perfect as we can.  Being an engineer-type of the worst kind--a perfectionist--my list of little things got a little long & the bottom line a bit spooky. 

The List

Installed Description  
2/2008 MultiVex mirrors.  Variable radius rear view mirrors are great for no blind spot!  
3/2008 Headlight conversion kit.  Operates both beams when on high beam.  
4/2008 TruControl Brake Controller. TruControl Trailer Brake Controller
4/2008 Canopy, Leer 100R with opening wing windows & removable front window.  
4/2008 Bedslide  
4/2008 WeatherTech floor liners  
5/2008 CB Radio; Cobra 75WXST Weatherband CB Radio, Firestick antenna, spring mount  
6/2008 Hella #550 fog lights Hella 5500 Fog Light  
6/2008 Tailgate "Easy Lift"  
9/2008 Pioneer GPS, # AVIC-80DVD with 7" LCD Touch Screen #AVD-W6210  
10/2008 PullRite 20K# hitch PullRite 20K hitch 
11/2008 Pioneer ND-BC2 backup camera (interfaces with Pioneer GPS display)  
11/2008 Bilstein shocks  
11/2008 Hitch ball; 17,000# GVW  
11/2008 Custom 2.5" billet draw bar for PullRite hitch
12/2008 Tires; Bridgestone BLIZZAK W965 LT 365/75R16 Load Range 'E'  
11/2008 SuperLift # 3838, 3" lift blocks for rear suspension  
11/2008 Firestone Ride-Rite Air Bag Kit with remote gauge/control in cab Firestone Air Bag remote control
  Pyrometer & Turbo Boost (Teltek digital) mounted in 3-gauge A-pillar with Aux Fuel Tank Gauge Pyrometer
11/2008 Wheels; 4 Alcoa # 167041 "Classic" 16x7 forged & polished aluminum wheels Alcoa Classi Wheel
12/2008 Pioneer GPS update DVD Pioneer Update DVD
1/2009 Exhaust tip; Pilot stainless steel exhaust tip Pilot S/S Exhaust Tip
1/2009 Exhaust modification to fit PullRite hitch  
2/2009 Go Industries "Rancher" grill guard Rancher Grill Guard
2/2009 Bug Deflector, Lund 'Interceptor'  
2/2009 X-Pel Headlight Protection, 3M film  
3/2009 Air Horn; Hadley 'Bully' air horn with compressor & tank  
  Fumoto Oil Drain Valve  
  CRE Splash Guards (mud flaps) 12" x 24" Mud Flaps
4/2009  TD-EOC (Turbo Diesel - Engine Oil cooler) for Duramax overheating (basic kit)
4/2009 TD-EOC options (AQP synthetic hoses, MOCAL oil thermostat, Air Dam Valance)
4/2009 Cold Air Intake System (air filter box, induction overhaul kit, modified turbo inlet mouth piece)  
2009 Auxiliary Fuel Tank; 50-gallon diamond plate tank with electric fuel transfer pump DP50 fuel tank
3/2009 Spare wheel (2nd spare); OEM Chevrolet forged aluminum wheel, 6.5x16  
3/2009 Tires; Firestone "Destination M/T" 265/75R16 'E' Firestone 'Destination' M/T
4/2009 TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Doran 360RV 8-wheel system Doran 360RV monitor
5/2009 Roof rack on canopy for carrying spare tires Roof Rack
5/2009 Banks SpeedBrake  
6/2009 Headlight Covers - 1/4" thick Lexan covers Lexan Headlight Covers
6/2009 BD Diesel Allison Valve Body Allison 1000 Valve Body
  EFILive EFILive FlashScan I

The Chevy 2500HD & Arctic Fox 29V on the Del Cho Trail, Northwest Territories, Canada


The Details


The Bedslide was one of our first upgrades.  This one is the IFW Bedslide.  Previously, we had a Gorilla cargo tray in our F350.  The Gorilla was much heavier and stronger, as the name implies.  The advantages of the Bedslide is that it's lighter, removes easily and costs about half as much.

Grill Guard Installation

The images above are from the Go Industries site.  Note the mesh radiator protection that's part of the 'Rancher' model grill guard.  We didn't want this on all the time because it would restrict the air flow to the radiator.  So we cut the welds and removed the mesh.  We'll build a temporary attachment for those times when we think we might need it, like on the Dalton and Dempster Highways.

This image shows the welds partially ground away

The mesh radiator protection has been removed. 

The grill guard after redoing the finish where I ground the welds

The truck is ready and the upper brackets are installed

The lower brackets have been installed,

Almost done.  Notice the step for easy underhood access.  I also applied strips of HD non-skid on the large loops under the headlamps.

The completed grill guard 

A super-duty grill guard, yet discreet.  Perfect!


Exhaust Modification

Excuse the dirty truck, but when you live on a dirt & gravel road and frequently go off road, this is what she looks like on a daily basis.

New stainless steel tail pipe exits above PullRite circle

This view shows the tail pipe welded back on but a tighter bend to keep the pipe above the PullRite hitch.

A look at the clearance between the tail pipe and the fender & PullRite.

This photo shows the OEM exhaust hanger supporting the tail pipe on the PullRite circle support.



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