Replacing the Radiator - includes R&R Charge Air Cooler (CAC)


On a casual trip to Ogden, Utah in September/October 2006 to see some friends, we had our engine coolant low level warning light come on just as we were pulling out of our space in the RV park in Declo, Idaho.  Thinking we were just a touch low, I pulled up to the mini-mart at the RV park and bought a gallon of anti-freeze.  About the time I realized that the gallon wasn't enough, the wife noticed the radiator leaking onto the ground.  Bummer.  We pulled the coach out of the way and called the nearest facility--a Freightliner dealer in Twin Falls, ID.  They suggested we put some black pepper in the radiator to temporarily seal the leak. The mini-mart had two small 1 oz. boxes of black pepper, so we bought both, dumped them in the tank and topped off with water.  We decided to make a run back about 12 miles to a radiator shop in Burley to see what they suggest in person.  When we got to Burley, the leaking had stopped, thanks to the pepper.  But, the couple that own the radiator shop gave us about 4 oz of a professional radiator stop-leak powder just in case.  So, we turned around and headed back for Utah.  We stopped about 15-20 minutes later and discovered that we were leaking again.  So, we put the special professional radiator stop-leak powder in.  We stopped at the next exit about 10 minutes down the road and found that we were still leaking.  So, we drove the rest of the way to Ogden stopping every 8-11 minutes to top off the radiator tank. 



Coach backed up onto wooden ramps to lift back end for better access.

Radiator service panel opened showing the Charge Air Cooler. Transmission oil cooler in front of CAC. Cockpit AC condensor in forward compartment.

Fiberglass shroud has been removed giving a better view of the CAC.

Transmission cooler and CAC have been removed showing the radiator. It's collected a small amount of junk--mostly feathers--at the bottom.

Radiator out and on the ground. The wife thinks I'm going to get the hand truck while I'm actually taking more pictures.

The empty hole.

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