Replacing the Exhaust Manifold - includes R&R Cylinder Head


During a pre-trip visual inspection, I discovered a couple of missing exhaust manifold bolts on the engine.  A closer inspection revealed that both the upper & lower bolts were broken & missing on cylinders #5 & #6 (at the rear of the engine near the transmission).  Since we were leaving in a couple of days, I decided to wrap the flanges of the cylinder head and exhaust manifold with several layers of muffler repair tape.  The idea was to restrict the exhaust leakage to minimize the loss of turbo boost as well as reduce the potential for safety issues.  No less than 3 layers of muffler repair tape as well as 2 stainless steel hose clamps were placed around each flange.  While not a perfect solution, the improvement was noticeable.  When we returned from our trip to Oregon, we discovered that the upper bolt for cylinder #4 was now broken and missing. 


Removing the Exhaust Manifold & Cylinder Head

The infamous "Before" picture

Another before picture from above

Close-up of broken & missing exhaust manifold bolts. Notice #3 bolt is slanted from stress of manifold pulling bolt sideways

Other issues to take care of. The broken coolant filter shut-off vlave & corroded coolant by-pass lines.

Turbo waste gate stuck solid. Sent turbo off to be overhauled.

Plumbing removed from over the engine.

Intake manifold removed.

Valve cover off.

Cylinder head in back of pickup headed for machine shop to remove broken bolts with milling machine.

Headless C8.3

View of headless engine from above



Installing the Exhaust Manifold & Cylinder HeadInstalling the Exhaust Manifold & Cylinder Head

The boom we rigged in the back of our pickup to fish the cylinder head in & out of the rear engine access. Hydraulic jack on bumper adjusts height.

Another view of the boom supporting cylinder head. Head cleared opening by less than 1/2".

A slightly better view of the boom through the engine access

Looking into the engine compartment to see the boom supporting the cylinder head.

Valve train re-installed.

I painted the valve cover red because an all black engine is sooo boring.

Installing the fuel filter. Next year's project is installing the remote filter mounting available from Spartan.

The injectors were sent to a diesel engine shop for cleaing & testing. Here's an injector coated with anti-sieze ready to be installed.

Fuel lines installed

Turbo installed

Another view of the turbo.


A break in the road test at a neighbor's lavendar farm



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