TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

A comparison matrix of different brands of TPMS.  Click on feature hyperlinks for a general description of that feature.  Some brand features also have hyperlinks to describe special characteristics or options for that brand. 


  PressurePro SAF-TEE SmarTire Tire SafeGuard Tire Sentry TPMS Products Vegia Wabco
$/6 tires                
$/10 tires                
Battery life                
Battery $                
User replaceable   UNK            
Sensor Type Valve stem Valve stem Internal Valve stem or internal Valve stem Valve stem External  
Display size                
Display mount Velcro Velcro     In dash      
Display; custom/RV type Yes   Yes Yes        
Display Hardwired                
Manual check Yes     Yes No      
Manual check; stationary Yes     No No      
Temperature No   Yes Internal only No   No  


Feature Descriptions

$/6 tires Cost of system for 6-wheeled motor home
$/10 Cost of system for 10-wheeled motor home + toad OR dually pickup + trailer
Battery life Manufacturer's claim for battery life
Battery $ Cost of sensor battery replacement per sensor
User Replaceable Are the sensor batteries user replaceable?
Sensor Type External valve stem mounted, Internal valve stem, Internal strap mounted, External physical mount

SAF-TEE User Replaceable - UNK.  Some information suggests that batteries may be user replaceable, but this has not been confirmed.

Tire SafeGuard 'Sensor Type' - RV sensors are valve stem mounted.  Toad sensors are internally mounted.


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