Submitted by Norman Pursley to Monacoers

While driving West, on I-10 near Lordsbury, NM, my low air warning light came on.  I immediately pulled to the side of the road.  After determining that the air compressor would not maintain proper pressure, I called a wrecker.  After 100-mile tow back to Las Cruces, Freightliner of Las Cruces diagnosed the problem as a failed air drier.  They could not repair it, so they just disconnected the inlet and outlet hoses and with the proper coupler, connected them together, admonishing me to “get the drier fixed soon, and in the mean time bleed any water out of the air tanks daily”.  I know now that if I had the proper coupler in my toolbox, I could have performed the same temporary fix on the road, avoiding the expensive tow and $300 labor charge from Freightliner.  As soon as we got to Huston, a truck repair facility rebuilt the air drier for $330.  I now have that coupler in my toolbox.